Malice in Wasteland are a Brighton based multi-disciplinary arts troupe who aim to blur the boundaries between life drawing and the performing arts.


Available for festival walkabout, immersive performance, pop-up life drawing workshops, staged theatrical shows, private events and parties.

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Malice in Wasteland offer a wide variety of themed life drawing sessions, which typically start with a series of short warm up poses leading into longer ones for a more detailed study of the human form.

Modelling in their unique and highly intricate handmade costume, Malice in Wasteland are as comfortable in a traditional studio setting as they are at an outdoor pop-up event or in a busy festival environment.

Sessions can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities.




Malice in Wasteland enjoy bringing life drawing out of the art studios and encouraging festival attendees to explore their creativity in an unconventional environment.

The models and performers create and develop characters while building their costumes, and love to engage and play with the audiences, whilst encouraging them to take part in drawing sessions.

Malice in Wasteland have been regular performers at Boomtown Fair since 2015, where they run a theatrical street venue in DSTRKT5 in collaboration with The Mechanical Menagerie. Other past festivals include Balter Festival, Apocalypticus: Road to Ruin, No Man's Land, Small World and Luna Negra in Spain.



Malice in Wasteland have also adapted their 'Theatrical Life Drawing' for the stage with scripted shows, aiming to blur the boundaries between performance and life drawing.


By introducing elements of drama, dance, and circus performance into the life drawing arena, artists are given ample time to draw from life as models freeze into a series of short and longer poses during the performances.

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Environmental issues are important to Malice in Wasteland, who create their costume using broken or obsolete electrical items, unrecyclable materials and other discarded objects. These are then dismantled and repurposed into unique and  highly intricate pieces.

Whilst the group mainly take inspiration from Sci-fi, their costume can be tailored to suit any event or aesthetic.

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Balter Festival 19 - 22 May 2022

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The Solarpunk garden

"Land of the strange, home of the free"

Malice in Wasteland will collaborate with The Machanical Menagerie once again to create a futuristic Solarpunk Utopia in the heart of Chepshow racecourse! 


Here you can take part in daily costumed life-drawing sessions, yoga workshops and at night watch a spectacular illuminated LED show.

Brighton Fringe
30 May 2022

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celestial life drawing at the bosco

Malice in Wasteland present the fourth and final in the series of 'Life Drawing at The Bosco' for The Brighton Fringe.


A fusion of life-drawing, circus performance and dance inspired by the cyclic movements of celestial bodies through the night sky. Artists will have the opportunity to draw a series of still and moving poses while costumed models Laura Loops, Electric Chesh, Natalie Gathi, Beatriss Dime and Kimi Kazee perform cloaked in stardust as the sun, moon and stars. All abilities welcome!

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Secret garden party 21 - 24 July 2022

The Secret Garden Party returns after a 5 year break...

10 - 14 August 2022

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chapter 1: the gathering

“...And so it was, that the world was changed forever, the State of Emergency became a State of Emergence, as from the ashes of the old, a new world was waiting to be born, a new story waiting to be told...

The people came out from their houses at last to reimagine the deserted streets, to gaze in wonder at the hills and forests, under the endless blue skies, waking as if from a dream, or dystopian nightmare, to find meaning in this world again."

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