Upcoming Event for The Brighton Fringe!

Celestial Life Drawing at The Bosco

30th May 2022 7pm - 9pm

Malice in Wasteland present the fourth and final in the series of 'Life Drawing at The Bosco' at The Brighton Fringe.

An evening of 'Celestial' themed life-drawing bringing you a fusion of life-drawing, circus performance and dance. Models will perform a dance of the spheres before freezing into pose dressed in a cloak of the stars in the night sky.

Audience members are welcome to draw both moving and still models.

All abilities welcome!

Models & Performers:

Beauty & The Beat https://www.instagram.com/beautyandthebeatuk

Beatriss Dimitriou https://www.instagram.com/beatrissdime

Laura Loops https://www.instagram.com/lauraloopshoops

Electric Chesh facebook.com/electricchesh

Tickets are available from the Fringe Website and from the Box Office: 01273 917272

We look forward to seeing you there!

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